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Zoomtech ~ Website design build

Using Square space, I have completely re-designed the Zoomtech website for Richard Cathro.

With a moving image in the heading of the front page and interactive imagery, we have taken the site from a basic brochure site to an interesting and clean site that pulls you through to read & discover more about the company and their innovative designs.

I met with Richard to learn more about his business, what he does and where he wants it to head. Using the information that I absorbed at our two meetings and bits from his old site, I reworded his home page to include searchable terms and better explain what it is that Zoomtech does.

Using my HTC phone and a bit of editing, the website is now image rich with both product images and artistic shots of the workshop.

Using the Squarespace "Cover Page" feature, I created a locked brochure page with switching images of the product for impact when approaching a potential wholesaler.


I have ensured that the website is feature rich, keyword rich and search engine optimized. It is indexed through Google Webmaster and the site is getting great traction from all over the world which we are analyzing through Google Analytics.

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