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Reference by Chris Butler

Managing director of The Marketing Studio

To whom it may concern:

This is to confirm that Gina Russell worked as our Business Development Manager at The Angel Group Ltd (now known as The Marketing Studio) in 2014.

During her time, Gina was required to carry out tasks in the following areas:-

  •  Sales and Business Development for the business
  •  Administration tasks and some book-keeping
  •  On-line communication (Social Media & E-news)
  •  Website content management
  •  Database set-ups and management
  •  Proposals and Marketing Reports

We found Gina to be able to meet these requirements to a high standard and always keen to learn. We
were impressed in her ability to learn quickly with a good work ethic. Gina was able to fit in easily with our team and had exceptional customer services skills, both written and spoken, and easily dealt with all kinds of people. We found her punctual, efficient and friendly. We very much enjoyed having her as part of our business during her time here.

We would not hesitate to recommend Gina to any organisation for any future opportunities she wishes to pursue.

Yours sincerely

Chris Butler
The Marketing Studio

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