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Reference by Dot Kettle

CEO of the Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce


I am delighted to provide a reference for Gina Russell and would be happy to be contacted by phone (03 548 1363 or 021719447) or email to discuss.

I have known Gina in my capacity as the CEO of the Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber is a membership based organisation that promotes business vitality in the Nelson Tasman region and has over 580 members. 

Gina was actively involved in the Chamber when she was part of CB Marketing and attended many Chamber functions.  Gina is very confident engaging with business people from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages and sectors. 

She is warm, pleasant, and professional and a skilled communicator.

As part of her role at CB Marketing Gina was heavily involved with a collaborative business initiative, Project. 

Originally in response to the World Cup, Project was formed by a cluster of design, construction and building businesses who saw benefits in working together to promote the strengths of the region. 

Following the Christchurch Earthquakes, Project took a lead in responding to the need to both support Christchurch based businesses and to be part of the rebuild. 

Gina played a pivotal role in collating information, liaising with Project members, organising meetings in both Nelson and Christchurch and providing essential administrative and communication support for the group. 

She demonstrated a genuine commitment to work alongside others and an ability to juggle tasks, meet deadlines and could be relied on absolutely.

I would have no hesitation recommending Gina.

Dot Kettle

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